A family run business

Russell Lowy and Janine Helfgott Lowy celebrating 20 years of marriage and 18 years running Indigo Interiors

Russell Lowy and Janine Helfgott Lowy celebrating 20 years of marriage and 18 years running Indigo Interiors


Husband and wife team Russell Lowy and Janine Helfgott Lowy are about to celebrated 19 years of working and running Indigo Interiors. Find out what drives them on.  If you didn't get a chance to see their interview, please read their story below;


Husband and wife team Janine and Russ Lowy never set out to work together. 

After they first married in 1998, Janine worked for an interior design company, while husband Russ had spent years working in sales. 

But that all changed when Janine left her job and decided to go it alone. She says: "I was already doing it for someone else and loved it and wanted to do it for myself.

"Once I left, there was pressure to set up my new company as my clients were all ringing, wanting to give me work straight away."

Initially operating from home, Janine eventually transferred Indigo Interiors to a small office in a local business park. Russ was always there in the background for moral support, but when a contract he was working on ended he went into the office to help out for the day. 

"I came in and sat by the phone and started cold calling," said Russ. 

Things went surprisingly well and Russ later suggested that he come in more regularly.

"At the time I was really unsure, but it's the best thing we ever did," says Janine. 

"It worked for us straight away and 17 years later we're still married!"

The partnership has been such a success that Indigo's database still includes clients who came on board at the outset. Whether it's for the high end rental investment market or for serviced apartments, clients know they can depend on Indigo to deliver a bespoke service with exceptional attention to detail. 

Russ says: "We are very honest and offer a very personal service to our clients. We respond efficiently. Our turnaround time is exceptionally quick and we pride ourselves on our service."

He adds: "I deal with the operations, the day to day running of the business, the bread and butter jobs, while Janine does special projects. 

"She's very good at the details, design and execution, we both put a lot of effort into developing client relationships, so we are a good partnership."

"We love doing what we do and it works because we are passionate about it and it's our livelihood," says Janine.