Why Indigo Interiors have had 19 years of continued success..... / by Indigo Interiors


Using a catologue or website works for some ideal spaces or windows, but bespoke fits all………

All properties and windows are different and often access is a problem when taking furniture into properties for various reasons...anything from narrow doorways (in older properties), narrow hallways, no service entrance, no use of lift, narrow staircase, no parking outside amongst other things. Not every room is a perfect rectangle to position furniture in easily, not every window is perfect square/rectangle and easy to put a window covering on, maybe windows open inwards, an unusual shape, very large....why would you risk ordering furniture or window dressings from a catalogue or website and encounter these problems? Why would you not use a company who can do site visits, measure and allow for restrictions whilst creating a bespoke furniture scheme or attractive window dressings that not only works in the property, but allows your property to rent or sell quickly?


Definition of a trusting relationship…….

When your boiler goes wrong do you risk it and just call someone from a google search where maybe they don’t deal with your brand of boiler or you don’t know the quality of their work? You wouldn’t, you would want a company you can trust and depend on. 

Indigo Interiors take care of all of this for you. Our clients trust us, they know we won’t let them down. We will be celebrating our 19th anniversary on the 1st April 2019 and we believe the success of our family run business is due to our passion, communication, transparency and commitment to our clients.  Always giving attention to detail, installing good quality items which are durable, whilst also creating the perfect scheme whether the property is being let, sold, or multiple units within a building of serviced apartments.

Of course sometimes things can go wrong when dealing with numerous tangible items going into one property, no one is perfect, but it is how this is dealt with...

The majority of Indigo Interior's client base are clients who have worked with us since the beginning.  There is total trust that we will get the work done and in the time frame promised.  For a great service and a company who can take all your problems away when you need window dressings or furniture call Indigo Interiors 0846 0268086, email info@indigo-int.co.uk or visit www.indigo-interiors.com