Furniture - When you get a few quotations do you always pick the cheapest one? / by Janine Helfgott Lowy

When you get three quotations, do you always go with the cheapest even though you might be taking a risk?  

Whether inexpensive or not, your #furniture is an #investment and should be durable.  What is the point of paying money for something that might need replacing in the short term.  

In this instance #indigo #Interiors were asked for an inexpensive quotation by a prospective client after he was recommended to us; this client already had a quotation from another company that was unbelievably cheap.   Although our quotation was inexpensive, but not the cheapest, the client recognised the quality difference and gave us the job.  This #property is in central #London and shows that inexpensive doesn't have to be poor quality furnishings and accessories.


Do you need any furniture and accessories for your investment property?  Make sure that if you do decide to go for the cheapest quote make sure you do not compromise the final look and durability.

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