Why Indigo Interiors have had 19 years of continued success..... by Indigo Interiors


Using a catologue or website works for some ideal spaces or windows, but bespoke fits all………

All properties and windows are different and often access is a problem when taking furniture into properties for various reasons...anything from narrow doorways (in older properties), narrow hallways, no service entrance, no use of lift, narrow staircase, no parking outside amongst other things. Not every room is a perfect rectangle to position furniture in easily, not every window is perfect square/rectangle and easy to put a window covering on, maybe windows open inwards, an unusual shape, very large....why would you risk ordering furniture or window dressings from a catalogue or website and encounter these problems? Why would you not use a company who can do site visits, measure and allow for restrictions whilst creating a bespoke furniture scheme or attractive window dressings that not only works in the property, but allows your property to rent or sell quickly?


Definition of a trusting relationship…….

When your boiler goes wrong do you risk it and just call someone from a google search where maybe they don’t deal with your brand of boiler or you don’t know the quality of their work? You wouldn’t, you would want a company you can trust and depend on. 

Indigo Interiors take care of all of this for you. Our clients trust us, they know we won’t let them down. We will be celebrating our 19th anniversary on the 1st April 2019 and we believe the success of our family run business is due to our passion, communication, transparency and commitment to our clients.  Always giving attention to detail, installing good quality items which are durable, whilst also creating the perfect scheme whether the property is being let, sold, or multiple units within a building of serviced apartments.

Of course sometimes things can go wrong when dealing with numerous tangible items going into one property, no one is perfect, but it is how this is dealt with...

The majority of Indigo Interior's client base are clients who have worked with us since the beginning.  There is total trust that we will get the work done and in the time frame promised.  For a great service and a company who can take all your problems away when you need window dressings or furniture call Indigo Interiors 0846 0268086, email info@indigo-int.co.uk or visit www.indigo-interiors.com

Curtains, blinds and new safety regulations by Janine Helfgott Lowy


Every property and it’s windows are different.  There are so many solutions for dressing your windows depending on the type of window, how they open and your budget.

In recent years, there has been a huge increase in demand for voile roller blinds instead of voile curtains, but voile curtains seem to be making a comeback; especially where the windows open inwards and there is no room to have a roller blind.  The photos to the top and just below show a property with floor to ceiling windows, they all open inwards…roller blinds would look messy, vertical blinds are not as aesthetically pleasing as curtains.


The ‘Make it Safe’ campaign by the British Blind and Shutter Association was launched to promote window blind safety in all homes, public buildings and other environments where babies and young children are present. 

For child safety reasons, there are now a number of restrictions when making and fitting blinds and curtains.  We have been instructed by various property managers in the past few months to go into existing properties to asses whether the window treatments meet with current regulations and add the required fixings to ensure they do comply.

All new blinds are fitted with child safe alternatives.  All tension pulleys on curtains have to be fitted above the floor. We have to make sure all blinds have correct tensioning devices and child safety brackets as per the current government legislation.
Please contact us for more information info@indigo-int.co.uk or call 0845 0268086 and also visit the ‘Make it Safe’ website www.makeitsafe.org.uk

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Established April 2000

How Indigo Interiors started over 16 years ago by Janine Helfgott Lowy

After celebrating 16 successful years in April of this year, the partners Janine and Russell were asked to tell the story of how Indigo Interiors started.....

Husband and wife team Janine and Russell Lowy never set out to work together. 
After they first married in 1998, Janine worked for an interior design company, while husband Russ had spent years working in sales. 
But that all changed when Janine left her job and decided to go it alone. She says: "I was already doing it for someone else and loved it and wanted to do it for myself.
"Once I left, there was pressure to set up my new company as my clients were all ringing, wanting to give me work straight away."
Initially operating from home, Janine eventually transferred Indigo Interiors to a small office in a local business park. Russ was always there in the background for moral support, but when a contract he was working on ended he went into the office to help out for the day. 
"I came in and sat by the phone and started cold calling," said Russ.  
Things went surprisingly well and Russ later suggested that he come in more regularly.
"At the time I was really unsure, but it's the best thing we ever did," says Janine. 
"It worked for us straight away and 16 years later we're still married!"
The partnership has been such a success that Indigo's database still includes clients who came on board at the outset. Whether it's for the high end rental investment market or for serviced apartments, clients know they can depend on Indigo to deliver a bespoke service with exceptional attention to detail. 
Russ says: "We are very honest and offer a very personal service to our clients. We respond efficiently. Our turnaround time is exceptionally quick and we pride ourselves on our service."
He adds: "I deal with the operations, the day to day running of the business, the bread and butter jobs, while Janine does special projects. 
"She's very good at the details, design and execution, we both put a lot of effort into developing client relationships, so we are a good partnership."
"We love doing what we do and it works because we are passionate about it and it's our livelihood," says Janine.

Furniture - When you get a few quotations do you always pick the cheapest one? by Janine Helfgott Lowy

When you get three quotations, do you always go with the cheapest even though you might be taking a risk?  

Whether inexpensive or not, your #furniture is an #investment and should be durable.  What is the point of paying money for something that might need replacing in the short term.  

In this instance #indigo #Interiors were asked for an inexpensive quotation by a prospective client after he was recommended to us; this client already had a quotation from another company that was unbelievably cheap.   Although our quotation was inexpensive, but not the cheapest, the client recognised the quality difference and gave us the job.  This #property is in central #London and shows that inexpensive doesn't have to be poor quality furnishings and accessories.


Do you need any furniture and accessories for your investment property?  Make sure that if you do decide to go for the cheapest quote make sure you do not compromise the final look and durability.

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Hidden treasures by Janine Helfgott Lowy

Within some of our beautiful #London parks lie some hidden gems, cottages and lodges ranging from period and grade II listed buildings to more modern properties.  There are a number still used for park staff, others have been refurbished and dressed with made to measure #curtains and #blinds installed by professional fitters; they have then been rented out on the open market.....how amazing to live in a #London park!  #Indigo #Interiors have been fortunate enough to install the curtains and blinds into several of these cottages and lodges.  These properties were refurbished in order to generate revenue and make more effective use of park buildings (part of the better buildings programme to help fund the maintenance bill).

#London is a beautiful place full of wonderful parks.  How amazing to have these hidden treasures amongst beautiful surroundings and wildlife whilst situated in the most central of locations.

Depending on the property, its character and what will work, we have installed long pinch pleat #curtains, short curtains, #roman blinds, roller #blinds and #venetian blinds.

How amazing to live in some of the most beautiful gardens
in London.

Pinch pleat long curtains

Roman blinds

Short curtains

We always leave our curtains dressed to ensure the
creases stay in place

This was one of them that we #furnished

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Re-upholstery by Janine Helfgott Lowy

We sell new bespoke upholstered sofas, chairs and headboards where all our clients get to choose a fabric from a vast range of fabrics.  In addition to this on a daily basis, we are asked if we can re-upholster sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs, dining chairs and headboards.

On this occasion, we were asked by a client to re-upholster a chair, we met with the client, helped them to pick a fabric, picked up the chair and delivered back to the client once it was completed.  This was the chair before, as you will see the chair was ripped and in a sorry state.  The filling need renewing, the seat needed a new cushion, we repaired and reupholstered the chair.  You will see how the chair turned out in the after pictures

Before 1

Before 2

Before 3

Here is the chair after

After 2

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Curtains & blinds case history by Janine Helfgott Lowy

On a daily basis INDIGO INTERIORS are always helping clients with their made to measure curtain and blind requirements, supplying and fitting them in all areas of London.  We have dealt with every type of window, window treatment and style. This client had a development with different types of windows and ceiling heights.  Within this blog, we hope to show you a few ideas that you can use for your window treatment requirements.

Are you a fan of curtains? There are so many options for headings on your curtains, they are always lined, but can be machine bagged or hand sewn, interlined and black-out lined.  Pinch pleat, pencil pleat, Havana, pelmets, no pelmets the list is endless. The headings are a personal choice, there is no right or wrong way.  If you have any questions @Indigointeriors can help you.  

Here are lined pinch pleat curtains on a discreet corded track

In this apartment the ceiling was over 4.5 metres; we installed electric tracks using a wave system (the power feed to the tracks was supplied by the clients own qualified electrician). Although the curtains are long, they have to be fitted above the floor to avoid the curtains sweeping the floor every time they are opened and closed.  They are controlled by using one switch to open and close.  The other option, if there is a fuse spur or socket and you don't want to chase into walls, is to have the electric blinds operated by a remote control.

If you fancy a change from curtains, Roman blinds can provide a great alternative (subject to the size/shape of your window).  These picture below shows a typical roman blind, installed into a window recess.  The advantage of a Roman blind is the appearance of clean lines and simplicity. You can also have them fitted in a bedroom using black-out lining, however, if you are trying to achieve complete blackout in the room black-out lined Romans are not the best solution;, full length black out curtains will ensure 100% black-out due to the window coverage.

Maybe you fancy Roman Blinds, but you have exceptionally high ceilings.  Standard ceiling heights are 2.2/2.4 metres. Here, the ceiling height was 4 metres high, the drop would have been too high for normal roman blinds due to the weight.  You would not want to dress this window with a curtain as it would block too much of the natural light and impose on the room.  We installed electric Roman Blinds (please note that the power feed was supplied by the clients own electrician).  Take a look below, they open and close with the touch of a button. The other option if there is a fuse spur or socket and you don't want to chase into walls, is to have the electric blinds operated by a remote control.

These are the simplest to supply and fit.  If you have a Velux window, this is your only option. The great things about Velux blinds now is that they are available in many different colour and texture options.

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Furnishings, Curtains & Accessories Case Study by Janine Helfgott Lowy

Our client was purchasing a house in Belgravia, London with a view to renting out the property to a high calibre tenant.  In order to maximise the return on their investment, we were asked to quote for furniture, made to measure window coverings, artworks and accessories.    

Following the instruction and completion of our interior design services based on the above, the property was let to a quality tenant and at the asking price.

Here are the before and after photographs followed by our video:

You can also watch how we furnished, hung curtains and accessorised this house by watching 

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Refurbishment - Case Study by Janine Helfgott Lowy

Indigo Interiors were called into a property off Berkeley Square, London to look at fully refurbishing and re-designing this studio apartment to a high specification.  

The apartment in it's existing state was extremely tired and the space was not being utilised.  We worked with our client to re-design the space which included; better lighting throughout the apartment, kitchen - this was not functioning properly so a wall was removed to allow for a new kitchen area with breakfast bar.  The existing shower room layout was not working well and the shower cubicle was too small, the space was re-designed and the floor levelled.  In addition to this we lowered the ceiling to allow for the fitting of new recessed down lights throughout, new fireplace, new integrated sliding doors,  new sockets and switches, we supplied and fitted new flooring throughout, new window coverings and furniture.  

Here are the before and after photographs to show you how the space changed.

Reception Room Before
Reception Room After
Kitchen BEFORE
Kitchen AFTER

Shower Room BEFORE 

Shower Room  AFTER 

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